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We work closely with local individualsentrepreneurs and small business owners to provide legal and administrative services, specifically catered to their local or international needs. Take a look at the services we offer, and contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

About Wood Law Associates

Client Commitment. Quality. Integrity.


What We Do


Wood Law Associates virtually offers clients a wide range of legal and administrative services, including general corporate and commercial matters, and is an independent provider of regulatory compliance, entity formation, and corporate management services.

Our Results


Wood Law Associates distinguishes itself with a client commitment-focused approach by providing services tailored to the client's specific needs. We remain online to solely focus on providing direct legal service and rapid virtual assistance to clients from the comforts of their homes. We pride ourselves on a deep tradition of integrity whilst ensuring only the highest quality service.

Our Mission

We stand by our clients and help them to navigate around the legal and administrative complexities in Cayman by advising them in each step they take to manage and mitigate the risks of legal non-compliance. We have an extensive network to collaborate with other specialists on your licensing, immigration, family or litigation matters to ensure that you gain immediate access to Cayman Islands law advice.

We understand the challenges and pressures that come with every legal issue, and we are here for you as a local individual, entrepreneur or small business, every step of the way. We pride ourselves on acting in the timeliest way. We strive to add the unique and personal touch that our clients deserve, whilst approaching each piece of work with the attention it needs.