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What We Do

Affordable Legal and Administrative Services for Your Small Business and Family


Our virtual legal and administrative services are tailored to the specific needs of small business owners and low-income families in the Cayman Islands. 

We work closely with our clients to provide free legal advice and administrative services (on a fixed fee basis) in Family, Corporate and Private Client matters. Request for a Quote with us!

We strive to add the unique and affordable personal touch that our clients deserve, whilst approaching each piece of work with the attention it needs.  

Legal Aid (Civil) Attorney and Pro-Bono Administrator

We are on the app roved list of Legal aid (Civil) Attorneys in the Cayman Islands.


We also provide pro-bon o services for registered charities on an annual basis (application review operates on a rolling basis and depends on availability). 

Give Us A Call. You Can Have Access To Virtual Legal and Administrative Services at Your Fingertips!

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